Snorkeling family with life jackets

Scared of Snorkeling? 12 How-To Tips to Crush it as a Beginner

The memories I've made snorkeling have been some of my favorites in all of my travels; gliding through Bonaire's national marine parks with curious sea turtles, exploring unspoiled coral reefs as far as the eye ...
Boat at a coral reef viewed from above

Does Travel Insurance Cover Snorkeling? 3 Critical Realities

Travel insurance (or insurance in general) is often an afterthought for me when planning for a trip, let alone thinking about if my travel insurance covers snorkeling. But, I would say that making sure that ...
Snorkel mask on a beach with sea shells

How Much Do Snorkel Masks Cost? 6 Helpful Price & Gear Guides with Examples

Snorkeling is an incredibly easy way to experience all sorts of the magic of the undersea world from sea turtles to coral to dolphins to tropical fish to whale sharks — the list goes on ...
Woman holding a snorkel mask during sunset

How to Clean a Snorkel Mask & Easily Prevent Fog and Damage

As simple as they seem, snorkel and scuba masks need special cleaning and care to prevent damage and ultimately prevent them from fogging up while in the water. So, learning how to clean a snorkel ...
Snorkeling underwater with a beard and mustache

Can You Snorkel With a Beard or Mustache? 5 Easy How-To Tips

If you're reading this, you're probably sporting a beard, or a mustache, or both (or know someone who is). Let me first say congratulations on that radiant facial hair (or on knowing someone with radiant ...
Can you snorkel with glasses? 7 ways to see underwater

Can You Snorkel With Glasses? 7 Great Ways to See Underwater

There is just so much to see underwater when snorkeling; fish, coral, rays, sea turtles, dolphins — the list goes on and on. But, if you're like me and not necessarily blessed with perfect vision, ...
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Hello, Adventurer

I'm Alex Axon. Despite growing up landlocked, I've been hooked on the ocean ever since first wading in and have become obsessed with snorkeling as a beautiful and easy way to experience the underwater world. I've been able to learn first hand from in-the-water experience across the world what gear, tips and trips work. I share that knowledge here through Coral Nomad in hopes it will inspire others to find their own underwater adventure.