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Can I snorkel if I can't swim?

Can I Snorkel If I Can’t Swim? 7 Ways to Enjoy the Water Safely & Smartly

"Can I snorkel if I can't swim?" It might seem like a strange question. After all, swimming is a lot of what you're doing out there in the water while snorkeling. But, it's a question ...

Best Snorkeling in Playa del Carmen (+ Cancun, Tulum & the Riviera Maya) 🤿 The 7 Spots

The Riviera Maya in Mexico — including notable hotspots like Playa del Carmen, Cancun and Tulum — has everything a weather-weary traveler could ask for: dewy-sweet warmth, sapphire-blue water, and verdant waving palms. Plus, plentiful ...

Can I Snorkel With an Apple Watch (or Other Smartwatch)? + 4 Important Tips

There have been a lot of cool advancements in snorkel technology in recent years. New gear like dry snorkels and masks with purge valves have gone a long way toward increasing both safety and good ...
The New GoPro for Snorkeling: 3 Keys on Buying/Upgrading the HERO 10 Black

The Newest GoPro for Snorkeling: 3 Keys for Buying or Upgrading to the HERO 10 Black

If you've been with us here at Coral Nomad for any length of time, you'll know that using a GoPro for snorkeling is one of our favorite parts of diving in. Being able to capture ...
Can You Snorkel with a Phone? 3 Waterproof Warnings & Options

Can You Snorkel with a Phone? 3 Waterproof Warnings & Options

One of the most satisfying parts of modern-day snorkeling is how easy it is to capture those underwater memories with incredible photos and video. Whether those snapshots are of massive whale sharks in Mexico, graceful ...
How much does a GoPro cost?

How Much Does a GoPro Cost? The Easy Prices & The Unexpected Costs

If you've followed this site for any amount of time, you know that I absolutely love action cameras like a GoPro, especially when it comes to snorkeling (which we're all about here). They're waterproof, easy ...
How much does snorkeling cost?

How Much Does Snorkeling Cost? 4 Key Prices on Gear, Tours & Everything Else

So, you're ready to go snorkeling (awesome!) and are wondering how much snorkeling costs? You've come to the right place. Fortunately, it's pretty easy to figure out how much it will cost to go snorkeling ...
Alex Axon snorkeling

Hello, Adventurer

I'm Alex Axon. Despite growing up landlocked, I've been hooked on the ocean ever since first wading in and have become obsessed with snorkeling as a beautiful and easy way to experience the underwater world. I've been able to learn first hand from in-the-water experience across the world what gear, tips and trips work. I share that knowledge here through Coral Nomad in hopes it will inspire others to find their own underwater adventure.